16 February 2010

25 Weeks

Because my "ticker change days" are every Saturday {meaning, I change to the next week of pregnancy every Saturday} I decided that I really need to start doing this weekly post earlier! So here it is...

Pregnancy: 25 weeks {belly pic taken at 25w0d}

Weight Gain: 7 pounds total... but I'm sure it's more by now. I don't own a scale. And for good reason.

Sleep: Pretty good! Still no need to get up in pee in the middle of the night. Then again, I do have a bladder of steal.

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: Well, right now I have an awful cold/allergy thing that makes me want to stay in my pj's and lay in bed all day. But, I'm here at work. Boo.

Pregnancy-wise I'm still feeling pretty good besides my constant rib pain.

Health: I now get Acid Reflux from nothing at all. I wake up in the morning and have it. I may need something stronger then Zantac and I plan to talk to my doctor about it this week at my appointment.

Movement: Dance Party USA is in my belly. Would you like an invite?

Belly: No stretch marks {yet}. Belly button is out. Linea Negra is very faint, but can be seen under my belly button.

Next Appointment: This Thursday, February 18th at 25w5d. And I will have yet another 1 hour glucose test at that time. Wish me luck!!!

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Jeannie said...

You look great! Seeing your cute belly, really makes me miss mine!

Suzanne said...

Such a cute belly! Good luck on the glucose test!

Sarah said...

So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You look great, Jenni! Moving right along . . .

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