28 January 2010

Carter Live

Since my last {more than a few} posts have been about the new baby, I thought I'd dedicate this one to my #1 little man, Carter. Here are a few videos that I wanted to share with you...

First, I must say that my son is slightly obsessed with Wheel of Fortune. Yes, it's true. He gets so excited when it comes on that he starts running to the TV pointing and screaming. It usually involves a little dance too {which he didn't do this time, of course} and then him telling us {in his own way} that it's on TV.

But, whenever I pull out the Flip, Carter usually stops in his tracks and doesn't do anything. He just stares at me. He's always done this {see example #1, at 6 months old} so it's really hard to catch him doing anything! So frustrating! I did capture a little bit of how he acts when it comes on, so enjoy.

Okay, this one we also got last night while Carter and I were showing our baby bellies to each other. Please ignore my annoyingly high-pitched voice when I talk to him and our messy family room. We just cleaned it the night before, but Carter insists on pulling every. single. toy. out of the toy box. Good times.

And last but not least, Carter singing! He gets his voice from me, but his eating skills from his daddy {yes, there is spaghetti in his hair.}

Oh, and you can see his usual reaction to the video camera in this one... he just... stares.

Love that little guy. :)


Stephanie said...

I love the video of you two showing eachother your baby belly. So cute! He is just adorable.

Sarah said...

He is just too cute! I love it. My mom said I actually learned my alphabet by watching Wheel of Fortune, lol.

Kristin said...

haha, I love that your husband is baby singing along with Carter!

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