10 January 2010

The Accident

To say that my dad has been through a lot would be the understatement of the century. Last year I decided to share the story of one of the scariest days of my life: January 10, 2003. I won't rewrite it, as I feel I couldn't have told it better again if I tried. So instead I'll just point you to where you can read it, if you chose.
My dad, the miracle man.
My hero.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading that story! Your dad and family are a true testament to what love and the human spirit can do!

Shauna said...

Truly amazing story!! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

MrsKBJ said...

Wow! That is so scary and so amazing at the same time. I am so glad your dad is ok! I had tears in my eyes by the end.

Anonymous said...

Amazing story! You're family is so strong and so supportive. I cried like a baby!

Maria V said...

Wow, I didn't see this last year. I can't even imagine how horrible this was to go through and thank god he made it through and is still with you today!

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