30 November 2009

Turkey Weekend

I consumed more food in 4 days then one should consume in an entire month. Like I mentioned, we had TWO Turkey Day dinners and they were both fabulous. I guess I shouldn't mention that Bob and I {and Carter Man} went out to dinner to Hibachi the night before and ate way too much, should I? Crap. Too late.

Anyway, Thanksgiving Day everything was wonderfulness!

We first headed to Bob's parents house to eat with his entire family...
Carter thoroughly enjoyed the bubbles...

But how could you not enjoy them when your dad is acting like this:

Once Carter's cousin, Simon, arrived, the real fun began!
Hi Simon!
I swear I took 90 pictures {yes 90!} over Thanksgiving weekend and did not get a single good picture of Carter. They all look like this:
After a great dinner at Bob's parents house, we headed over to my parents house for round two.

Kacy and I
Kristi and I
Finally a smile, but he's not looking at me, of course.
I love this picture, mainly because this is the face we usually get when we sit all 3 kids down for a picture.
Yay, 2 out of 3!
The girls =) {Oh, and that's one of the shirts from the sample sale... so cute!}
Bob, Carter, and I!
On Friday morning, my 2 sisters, our mom, and I all headed out at 5:30am for Black Friday Shopping! It's an annual tradition that we just LOVE! We got a lot of great deals too!!! We then went to Maggiano's for lunch. OMG... we rolled out of there. Yum.

On Saturday, we always help my parents decorate their house for Christmas and then my mom makes a huge dinner for everyone! For some reason, it's always freezing cold the day we decorate and then surprisingly warm the day after. Saturday: 40's and high winds; Sunday: sunny and 67. Nice.

Carter Man "helping"...
He loves the dogs!

Carter was so upset when we took him back inside, that he stood at the door the entire time watching us! He loved giving Poppy kisses through the window =)

My parents house almost complete! My mom puts wreaths and candles in all the windows. So pretty!
And pretty much the only thing I worked on all day... the banister =)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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