14 December 2009

{Lots of} family pictures!

Settle in and prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures =)

Back in November, we had our family pictures {see posts here and here} taken by sg photography and I just LOVE the way they turned out! Here are {more than a few} of my favorites...

Carter kept running away when we tried to put on his sweater...Mr. Funny Man.
Finally caught him! Here's us walking:

Ben was Mr. GQ the entire shoot. He loved being a model and he makes a really good one =)

Family of FOUR!

See what I mean... Mr. GQ!
Little Miss Gracie
That tongue!

Carter loved rocking the chair, but wasn't a big fan of actually sitting on it...

LOVE all these family pics...

My sister Kristi and her hubby Matt with Ben and Gracie =)

My 2 babies =)

Steph, I can not thank you enough for all of the beautiful moments that your were able to capture for us. I will cherish them forever. You have become such a good friend to me and I know that we will be seeing a lot more each other very soon. xoxo <3


Steph said...

I had a blast as well! How could they not turn out so beautiful? I had the best models.

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