02 December 2009

14 Weeks

*Edit- changed my belly pic =)

Pregnancy: 14 weeks {belly pic taken at 14w3d} I feel like my belly is starting to slow down in growth a bit, which is excellent news.

Weight Gain: Zero. But then again, I don't own a scale, so I'll update you after my next appointment. I know I had to gain a good 10lbs just in the last week alone! Thank gawd for stretchy maternity pants ;)

Sleep: Still snoozin' okay. I have a bladder of steel and can basically go almost an entire day without peeing. And I drink A LOT of water.

Gender: TBD on December 23rd! I'm still 100% sure that it's a boy.

Names: I swear I have a post planned for tomorrow about names!!!

Feeling: Really good still, though I am quickly remembering the big belly/achy feeling again. Sore ribs and feeling like your stomach is in your throat... I thought I had a while before I felt like that, but apparently my body is getting ready for another monster baby and thinks it needs to be HUGE really fast.

Health: Blood pressure is still perfect. No swelling yet. My heartburn is horrible though!!! It certainly didn't help that I ate more food in the last week then should even been allowed. Zantac is my savior.

Movement: I've felt the baby a lot more this week. It always occurs at the same times I felt Carter: early in the morning, mid-morning when I start getting hungry for lunch, and then late at night. I LOVE the feeling... it's just so great! Especially between doctor's appointments when you just want any sign possible to let you know that the baby is still okay in there.

Belly Button: It's about even. It's sure to pop by Christmas!

Next Appointment: December 17th {at 16w5d}


jenni from the blog said...
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Steph said...

Aww your belly is so cute! Love that shirt too.

Anonymous said...

You look great!! I agree that the bump growth seems to have slowed. My guess is that you won't necessarily get bigger than you were with Carter, you'll just get to the largest size quicker than you did last time.

And I'm super happy to hear that your blood pressure is remaining normal! That's great news. :)

jenni from the blog said...

Kris- I think the same thing! I was waiting for it to slow down a bit =)

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