23 November 2009

Lights are up!

I know what you're going to say...

"But it's not even Thanksgiving yet."

I'm lucky if I make it to Halloween without hanging Christmas lights, so I'm very proud of myself right now for waiting so long. I can't promise you that I haven't been listening to Christmas music since {well} before Halloween though ;)

This afternoon I had some free time so I decided to hang my Christmas lights! They look BEAUTIFUL!!! I took a few pictures with my cell phone {sorry if they're blurry} just to show off my work =)

My mini tree!


danielle said...

It looks beautiful! Bring on Christmas ;)

jenni from the blog said...

D- how you feeling lady?? Share your news yet? ;)

danielle said...

Jenni - I feel great. Haven't shared the news yet on the blog or FB, but all my family knows. I still have 2 more weeks till I see the doc for the first time... still nervous. But, overall... I'm good. Just tired, but that's to be expected. Can't wait to see your belly pic tomorrow. And, can you model some of your new clothes? Totally jealous... hehee

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