25 November 2009

13 Weeks!

Pregnancy: 13 weeks {belly pic taken at 13w3d}
Weight Gain: ZERO!! Still shocked...
Sleep: No problemo
Gender: TBD on December 23rd! I'm still 100% convinced that it's a boy and see no possible way that it could even be a girl. I told my friends last night that if the ultrasound tech told me we were having a girl, I'd probably fall off the table.
Names: Ummm, more on this later... It deserves a post of it's own first!
Feeling: GREAT! I've been so lucky to feel so wonderful this whole time. Nothing has really changed at all! Sometimes I do feel a little bit of growing pains in my belly and also my lower back hurts sometimes, but other than that, I'm still feeling awesome!
Health: Blood pressure is still perfect. The heartburn is back in full force though. I feel like an old lady, because every time I eat pasta, spicy foods, or even drink WATER, I need to pop a few tums or take a Zantac {which is safe during pregnancy, I asked.} Now I think I might have to take my Zantac with me everywhere I go!
Movement: I feel the baby move every once in a while. I felt him last night while watching Wheel of Fortune... I guess this baby loves that show as much as Carter does!
Belly Button: In, but it's almost even with the rest of my belly. I can't believe how much faster things are happening this time around. I'm not even 14 weeks and my belly button is already about to pop??? OMG! It didn't pop with Carter until around 24-26 weeks or so. But I guess my belly really is almost that big already. Yikes!
Next Appointment: December 17th {at 16w5d}


Anonymous said...

You look so cute!! I'm glad you're feeling good. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks Kris, you too dear =)

Anonymous said...

Holy cute belly!! You look fantastic. I'm glad you're feeling great. (I think girl) :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Larissa: said...

You look great! This time around, my belly button popped at 12 weeks! It didn't pop with Brock until 31 weeks! Very crazy how fast things move this time around.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to hear what you're having!!


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