10 November 2009

11 Weeks

Coming to you from Salt Lake City, Utah...
It looks fake doesn't it? Like I'm standing in front of a backdrop? I assure you, I'm not. It was so beautiful in Salt Lake City and I have a ton of pictures to share with you later.

I feel like my belly is about the same size as my 10 week pic. I'm still feeling great and I think I got a little bit of my energy back {though yesterday I did fall asleep sitting on the couch while holding Carter....hmmm}. Time is flying, it really is. I feel like I just found out we were having another baby, and now I'm over 11 weeks pregnant.

Christmas is coming. Oh the joys of Christmas! It just makes me so happy =) It will be here before we know it and that means so will our big ultrasound. I have an appointment late next week and I will schedule my big ultrasound at that time. I can't believe there's only a few more weeks before we find out what we're having.

According to the poll on the side, all the old wives tale's, and all of the gender predictors, it's a girl. But I truly believe that it's another boy. I don't know why. I would be totally blown away if this baby was a girl. Only one way to find out {or two ways...we could wait til he/she is born. But, according to Bob, that's not an option, lol.}

I was able to get the H1N1 vaccine last week at work {they were giving it to high risk people, which, at the university I work at, is almost everyone!} I kept going back and forth about it, but ultimately had to make the best decision for me and the baby. I see so many people everyday and it just wasn't worth the risk. Today alone I got emails from 3 students I saw last week that had confirmed cases of H1N1, and one coworker. I think I made the right decision. Carter is actually getting his vaccine tonight. I think Bob and I will feel much better once we know that we both have been vaccinated. {Poor Bob, he's not eligible for it, but he's fine with that!}

Not much else is going on, baby-wise. Oh, I did find out that I passed my 1 hour GD glucose test, so that's a relief. I do need to retake the test at the normal time of 27 weeks {that's the one I failed with Carter and had to suffer through the 3 hour. Good times.} Hopefully this time will be better...


Anonymous said...

I saw the SLC pics on Facebook - gorgeous!! And YAY for passing your first 1 hr test. Hopefully the next goes as smoothly.

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