25 October 2009


Nice, right? He would not stop walking from one side of the room to the other. All in his pamper and Super Sleuth sneakers. Oh, and lets not forget the sippy cup which left a nice combination of drool and apple juice trickling down his belly.

Carter had his 15 month well-visit on Friday, where he received several shots, including the flu vaccine and the dreaded MMR shot. We also found out that he only gained 3oz from his last appointment 3 months ago!! My man is on the move, lol. He is getting skinner by the day and you can even see his stomach muscles sometimes. What happened to my buddah baby??? I knew this would happen though... I was the same way as a baby... started off at 10lbs and barely weighed 30lbs by the time I went to kindergarten!

Here were his stats:
Weight: 28lbs 3oz | 90%
Height: 32 inches | 90%
Head: I forget the measurement | 95%

I asked the doc if we should be concerned with his {very little} weight gain, and she said "are you kidding... he's still in the 90th percentile, he's fine!" =)


grammy brenda said...


Carla said...

What a big boy!! He's adorable!

Mary said...

That's almost exactly Michael's stats at 15 months! Yay for big healthy boys :)

Unknown said...

This is what Ben looks like in every single one of his doctor appts. Shoes and a diaper with his milk!!! It's hilarious. Oh my Ben was a big boy up until he hit 1year then he stopped gaining weight. The doctor said it was fine! I can see his bones now b/c he is so active and such a picky eater...

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks Erin! You made me feel much better!

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