12 October 2009

The holiday's are coming...

If you're anything like me, you've already started thinking about the holiday's! When will I have my family pictures taken? When will I find that perfect holiday card? Well have no fear my fellow blog friends... 9designs is coming to the rescue! ;)

I've started to design a few holiday cards for my Etsy Shoppe and they are now listed online. Below are just a few that I have completed so far, but I have a lot more in the works! If you wish to order a holiday card {either one listed in the shoppe or a completely custom order} simply email me by clicking here.


Peace. Love. Joy.

Jolly Christmas

Also, to all of my local blog readers, I have teamed up with Stephanie Glover from sg photography and created a wonderful photography & card package deal! Visit the SGP blog to view all the details about this amazing special.

More card designs to come!


Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

cute! cute!! will you have any that will allow 2+ pictures?

jenni from the blog said...

Yes Kate, I'm working on a few now!! But you're free to order a custom design as well at no additional cost =) I'm sure everyone can't get enough of that adorable Grayden! ;)

Team Davis said...

They are all so cute! I have a feeling picking out a card will be easy, but picking out a picture (or two) will be much harder. :)

Shauna said...

Hi Jenni...I'm usually a lurker but I just had to come out and say Hello!! Your card designs are fab!! I was looking for something new for the holiday for our cards and I think I will definitely be looking more into your designs!! Love your Blog!! You keep me laughing at work on a daily basis!

jenni from the blog said...

Brittney, the pictures are always the hardest!

Aw, thanks Shauna, that is so sweet of you!

Larissa: said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday! Very cool! I'll check out your etsy shop!!

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