02 September 2009


As I mentioned before, Carter was only 5 weeks old when we headed down to OBX last year. And, sadly, we haven't made it to the beach at all this summer before last week, therefore this was the first time Carter was ever in the ocean.

Let me just tell you... he loved it. From the second we walked over the dune to see the beautiful ocean for the first time, he was mesmerized. He couldn't keep his eyes off the waves. Oh, and the sand... he loved it! I was unsure if he would like it because (1) he hates sitting in the grass and (2) if he's anything like his father, he will steer clear of sand at all costs. But apparently sand is fun to sit and play in and very delicious!

Here are 2 videos from vacation (2 of many ;). The first one is a video of Carter's very first time in the ocean. I just love how we lose our flip flops when a wave comes up too far, hehe. Typical us.

The second video is right after the first one... except there is no wave to disrupt it :)

Pictures coming soon!


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