06 August 2009

Thoughts on 30

It happened. Ya know, that check box on forms where you are required to disclose your age. It happened this morning. Up until then, I was excited about turning 30 on Sunday. I was embracing it! I mean, I am still really excited. I think know a lot of wonderful things will happen in my 30's. But it still makes ya stop and think. And that's what that check box made me do this morning. Stop and think.

What I want to know is... who made up the rule that turning 30 was a deadline? A deadline to have your life together and figured out. A deadline to be married and have children. A deadline to be in the job you plan to stay in for the next 100 years. It's not a deadline. 30 is young. I know how morbid this must sound... especially for the people that don't "know" me, but I always define "young" by the obituaries. If you read that someone passed away at the age of 30, what would your first thought be? "Awww, he/she was so young!" Hell, I do it for people that die in their 50's and 60's. So, in that respect, 30 is young. Maybe not to a 15 year old, but what do they know ;) I have plenty of time to accomplish my dreams. Have more children. Be the type of person that I want to be.

30 is wonderful. Bring it on, I'm ready!

But, in case you were wondering about the form I filled out this morning, I put my age down as 29. I mean, technically...


Rebecca said...

My theory in life has always been.."you aren't old until you feel old. Age is just a number!"

Enjoy your birthday!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Love this post.

Have a fabulous day Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

Another thing people always say when they entire their thirties? Thirty is so much better than 20! Well, turns out they're all right. It IS so much better. I definitely don't have it all figured out but I'm a lot less confused than when I turned 20.

Becki said...

Hilarious post! I completely agree about the obituaries. I have a few years to go (ok, only 1.5 years), but I feel like I can relate to what you're saying. I'm no where near having figured my life out. What I have figured out is that most people never have it figured out and that's ok!

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