08 July 2009

A year in pictures.

I need your help. When Carter was born, a friend bought us a beautiful Pottery Barn 12 month frame to put up in his room. Me, being the horrible mom that I am, hasn't put it up yet. I could use the excuse that I was waiting for 12 months worth of pictures, but I'd be lying. I was just being lazy.

So.... I want to get this project done so that I am able to display the frame/pictures at Carter's birthday party. {Yay for motivation and a deadline!} I'll start by showing you the beautiful frame:
For the big picture {the 5x7} as of now, I have his newborn hospital picture, but I think I might change it to one of his 10 month pro pictures {Part I & Part II}that Erin took for us. I just LOVE them.

Now I need to figure out what pictures to put in each "month" of the frame. I've narrowed it down pretty far {I'm so proud of myself... it took me soooo long to do it!} but I need your help to pick the pictures! Here we go...

Month 1:
Picture 1- I love this pic, but since the frame takes vertical wallet-size pictures, his face gets cut off a bit.

Picture 2- from OBX last year =)
Month 2:
Picture 1-
Picture 2- which is one of my favorites... Month 3:
This one was easy... I'm definitely using this pic!Month 4:
Easy as well... I love my little monkey.Month 5:
Picture 1- My little turkey on Thanksgiving...Picture 2- First time in his big boy high chair...Month 6:
Picture 1- My favorite mug shot...Picture 2- In his new hat...Month 7:
Picture 1- fun with daddy...Picture 2- My little leprechaun... (I think I'm leaning towards this one)Month 8:
Easy peasy... love this one.Month 9:
I love this pic, but my only concern with it is that he is wearing the same shirt as his 10 month pro pictures. Do you think I should use it anyway? They're small wallet-sized pics so I doubt anyone will notice {except me every time I look at it!}
Month 10:
One of my favorite pics.... ever! I love it in B&W, but I'm using it in color so that it will match the rest of the frame...Month 11:
Picture 1- I really can't decide between these 3 pictures!!!Picture 2-Picture 3-Month 12:
I'm going to put a picture from Carter's birthday party in this slot, but for now... Phillies!
The polls are on the side of the blog. Feel free to leave a comment as well!! Thanks so much for your help with this =) I have to order all the pictures by this Friday at the latest!!! I can't believe his birthday & party are a week from Saturday. OMG...


Kate said...

So cute! I like the idea of using pictures from the months that he also celebrated his 1st holidays. Like Halloween, Thanksgiving and St. Patty's. That frame is such a nice way to display his 1st year :)

Anonymous said...

Voted! Hard decisions...

grammy brenda said...

I say get a few more of the same frames and put all of his pics that you are deciding on!! um...can you tell that I'm his grammy! So looking forward to Carter's first birthday party!!!

Rebecca said...

looks great! And i love that frame.

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