02 July 2009

Time to move on, Frog.

That's a saying that I grew up hearing from my mom. Time to move on, Frog. And that's exactly what I'm doing. Moving on.


That's the news I've been wanting to share. I feel like I was interviewing every week, lol. That can truly drive a person mad... So nerve wracking! But it all paid off in the end.

So what will I be doing, you may ask? Advising. Again. Yep, that's right... I'll be moving across the street to another office at the same University =) Except, this time I will be working with undergrad students again. {I was an UG advisor for 3 years and moved to GR advising after I got my master's degree.} I miss the UG students so I'm really looking forward to getting back to that. I will also be teaching a few classes again! Yay =) So I am very excited about this move.

I resigned from my current position just about an hour ago. I was so nervous, but everyone was really cool about it and happy for me, which is so great. I've worked in the same office at the University for the past 5 years, so it will certainly be an adjustment to start something new. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead for me.

Time to move on, Frog. Time to move on.


Trinity said...

Congrats! Is this the one that you had the second interview for a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!! :) I've got to tell you, I follow your blog (which I love) and I've been dying to find out what the big news was! lol :)

Anonymous said...




grammy brenda said...

YAH!! congrats! so proud of you!

Erica said...


staci said...


Larissa: said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations!

Grasso10 said...

Congratulations!! That's great news!


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job! I would love to teach classes at a university. Maybe someday! Good luck with everything.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks everyone!

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