18 July 2009

July 18, 2008

It's here. My baby's birthday. It's here.

I was up bright and early to get ready to go. Because we weren't 100% sure that today was the day, I made Bob go to work. Call me crazy, but he didin't have a ton of time to take off after the baby and I wanted him to use it for, well... after the baby. His work was close enough to the hospital anyway, so I planned to call him as soon as I knew anything.

My sister Kristi was off from work, so she took me to my blood pressure appointment at 8:30 am. But, before she came to pick me up, I wanted to take one last belly picture.

Ever wonder what a bare pregnant belly looks like while holding a 9.5lb baby? This.
I didn't photoshop that picture in any way. That's really what my belly looked like. I did have the linea negra and the popped out belly button, but other than that, I didn't get a single stretch mark {:::ducks:::}. I was shocked. I thought for sure they would come. I mean, look at that thing. When they didn't show up while I was pregnant, I thought I'd at least get them after I had Carter. I didn't. I feel very lucky that I didn't get any stretch marks, but honestly... I don't really care. Their well-deserved battle wounds. I'm sure I'll get them next time.

More posts to come...


Steph said...

Wow baby!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture!! Thanks for posting. :)

Bridget said...

All I have to say about that is..."YOU SUCK". I didn't have a single stretch mark till about 35 weeks, they really didn't get that bad, but they are still there a little(although they are fading very fast!!!)

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