31 July 2009


You may or may not have noticed, but lately I've had some spam on my blog in the form of {what I assume is} Chinese lettering. Therefore, I have put my blog on "comment moderation" so that I am able to approve or delete comments coming to my blog.

It is not my intention to discourage my readers from commenting... I LOVE COMMENTS! So I hope this doesn't affect any one's decision to post a comment on my blog... I absolutely love to read everything that you guys write to me. I just need to have a little more control over what's posted here.

Thanks so much =)

PS- Can you believe it's almost AUGUST!?!?! My birthday month is upon us. Yes, I said MONTH ;)


Steph said...


Loving Mommy! said...

I sent you an email about Carter's bday.

Anonymous said...

Moderation?? I'm never commenting again!!!


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