10 June 2009

Fire in the Sky

Whoever came up with the saying "It's not the heat, but the humidity that will kill you" must have lived in Jersey. For the past week, we have had the worst storms and the humidity will leave you feeling like you need to shower every 5 minutes. For serious.

Anyway, we had another bad storm last night. After it ended, we were watching the Phillies game and the whole room turned orange. We look outside and this is what we see from our backyard...
It was weird how it developed from a light orange to a deep red in a matter of a minute. The last two pictures look like fire in the sky, don't they?? It was beautiful and creepy at the same time.
Speaking of storms, that one I posted about last week left our family room a hot mess. The windows weren't even open in that room, yet the storm still managed to come through our back door and ruin our family room carpet. It soaked through the carpet padding and everything. So, on Monday night, Bob had to tear out about 1/3 of the carpet in the room before the inevitable mold could come. Meanwhile, the family room looks horrendous, we have extra carpet over the bare concrete {it's the lowest point in the house} and the coffee table moved over so that Carter can't go near it when he plays down there {it's where we have our TV, comfy couches, and all of Carter's toys!}
Home owners came on Monday to take measurements and photos. They were suppose to call yesterday with an estimate, but do you think we heard from them? Of course not. Bob is calling this morning to find out what is covered. We can do it ourselves for not a lot of money, so I'm hoping we get enough to replace the back door as well. I don't want this to be an on-going thing... know what I mean!?!
I'll keep you posted.


Toni said...

Ha - we were watching the Phillies and noticed that sky, too! We thought we left a light on in the house! I wish I would have went outside though - those are some cool pictures!

Hope you can get the family room issue resolved :(

behind the fourth door said...

Wasn't the sky amazing last night? I loved ut! Good luck with getting the family room up and running again. I can't believe that much water came through the door!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are INSANE! Wow. And good luck with the family room - I hope it all works out.

Kimberly said...

Wow... awesome pics. I love it when the sky turns crazy cool colors! Hope you get your carpet replaced soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those pictures are jaw-dropping. This beautiful earth never ceases to amaze me.

And as for the humidy? Heard that.

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