29 May 2009


So a few months ago {yes, months} I started thinking about Carter's first birthday and what kind of party we wanted to have. The date was easy.... July 18th, Carter's actual birthday, falls on a Saturday... yay! Now it was time to think about the location and theme. My parents have the most beautiful house I have ever seen. A big old Victorian that sits on an acre of property. On top of that, they have the perfect party house... especially in the summer due to the large Oak tree that shades then entire BBQ area and the pool that sits in the back yard. I've always loved summer parties at my parents, so when my mom agreed to have Carter's birthday party there, I was ecstatic!

Next up was the theme. Hmmm.... what's one of the most important things to our family in the summer? You guessed it... the Phillies! That's when our baseball theme was born and the party planning really got fun. The next thing I thought about was what Carter was going to wear to his party. I wanted him to stand out. After seeing pictures of my friend Erynn's son {Will} at his birthday party, I immediately asked her where she got his shirt. It was so adorable! Erynn put me in contact with the truly fabulous and sweetest person in the entire world- Rachel- at Golden Shop. Rachel and I emailed and G-Chatted back and forth and she was so wonderful with helping me design the perfect custom shirt for Carter's birthday. I knew it would be awesome, but when I received the shirt in the mail a few weeks later, I was utterly speechless. It was the cutest {most perfect} shirt I have ever seen.

I bring you this week's Y3W...

Is that not the cutest thing ever!?! It's completely hand made... Rachel cut out and sewed the Phillies logo to perfection. Then added Carter's name and the #1 to the back. I highly recommend using Rachel if you're looking for anything party related for your little one. She has truly become a great friend to me and I love her dearly! Check out her shop here: Golden Shop on Etsy.


Anonymous said...

I thought that shirt looked like one of hers!! It's adorable. :)

Rach said...

OMG!! Warn me next time if your post is going to make me cry. :) You are too sweet and Carter rocks the tee, trust me, he makes it 2034832094802948032 times cuter than it could ever be on its own! I, too, am so happy we *met* and am counting down the minutes until you come out here to meet me and Erynn!! xoxo

Erynn said...

I love how it turned out! So cute.

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