19 May 2009

Where's the pause button?

10 months.

Yes, you read that correctly. My "little" baby that I practically just brought home from the hospital is now 10 months old. 10 whole months. Which, of course means that in 2 very short months, my baby boy will be a year old. Wow. Did I accidentally hit a fast forward button or something? Where's the pause? Will someone help me find it?

Carter has really grown a lot in the past month. He's pulling up on things, trying to climb the stairs, getting into everything, crawling {though he moves much better backwards then he does forward! :)}, standing, eating puff's like it's his job {is it?}, and now has six teeth! He's also being very bossy lately. I think he learned that from Mickey Mouse though... he's always telling other people animals what to do {think about that the next time you watch...} He makes the funniest faces and I often wonder what he's thinking about. I can only imagine what he thinks about his crazy family ;)

But the things I love most are the smiles, hugs, and kisses I get. I will never ever get tired of them. Ever. Boy am I lucky. When I'm worried about something {which is often lately with this economy and the fact that my husband is still out of work}, all I have to do is look over at him and he laughs at me. Sigh. It makes my day. And I realize that I sound like "such a mom" right now, but it's true. I mean... look at this...... and tell me how that wouldn't make your day? ;) My little flirt! ... and crack baby...

Happy 10 months Carter Man!


Bridget said...

Tell me about it! I love the bib that Carter is wearing, Oliver totally needs one of those.

Trinity said...

They're getting too big, too fast.

Anonymous said...

That second picture is so adorable and those chubby legs in the last picture!! I want to squeeze them. ;)

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Happy 10 month Birthday Carter!

My little girl will be 7 months on Monday and I feel the same way about hitting a fast forward button. Oh, how time flies! :o(

LynnInLove1007 said...

I have to say usually I think C looks like your husband (besides his blonde hair of course) but in the second picture of this post ALL.YOU.

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