13 April 2009

Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend has come and gone. I hope everyone had a great Easter. As for me and my fam... we're all sick :( Carter has had a horrible cold/cough/runny nose thing for a good week now. It was only a matter of time before Bob and I caught it as well. Being sick + being busy does not = a whole lot of fun, but we made the best of it and ended up having a good weekend.

First, I have to mention that I was in 4 states on Saturday! NJ, DE, MD, and PA. That's only happened one other time- NJ, NY, PA, and CA. That doesn't count all the states we drive through when we go to Outer Banks, NC or to Disney World {FL} or even when I drove to college in VA all the time. I'm talking about legitimately being in 4 states in one day. We live in NJ, so clearly I started out there. I then headed to BRU in DE on my way to MD to get Carter's hair cut! I then went to Panera Bread in PA. I'm in 2 states everyday (NJ and PA) and 3 states about once a week (NJ, PA, and DE) but never 4!

Okay, not that big of a deal, lol.... moving on...

So on Saturday, I was up bright and early to take Carter to get his very first haircut!! {As you noticed on my Y3W}...
My friend Lindsay cut it and she did such a wonderful job :) Carter was so good and only got annoyed a few times, lol. He looks like such a big boy now, don't ya think?

Next, while Bob went golfing {in the rain}, Carter and I met Steph and Ethan at Panera Bread. It was delicious and the boys had a great time!
When we got home, we picked up Bob then headed over to my parents house to dye Easter eggs with Kristi, Matt, Ben, and Grace.

Ben and Gracie, waiting for Carter Man to get there. Ben is such a good big brother. It doesn't matter that after I took this pic, he hit Gracie in the head with the toy and made her cry ;)
Ben concentrating on his egg...Carter listening to his GG tell him what a beautiful egg he decorated!My uncle lives with my parents {he always has, so we grew up with him living in the house... he's more like our older brother then our uncle :)} Anyway... he always puts stickers on the kids {or dogs} noses. They love it... well, not the dogs ;)
Some of the eggs!

On Sunday morning, we made breakfast for Kacy and Ryan, then headed out to Bob's parents house for Easter lunch and an egg hunt!
Carter with his Easter basket {with 1 or 2 things for Bob and I in there too}...
He likes the puffs and formula the best! Smart baby :)

Easter Egg hunt at Bob's parents house...
Easter basket #2 from MIL! It's soooooo adrobale! A baseball basket from PBK...
Simon and Carter...
Next, we headed to my parents house for dinner and yet another Easter egg hunt!
Ben, looking so adorable... {I won't tell you that he was smiling b/c I was going to give him an M&M for saying "cheeeeeese"}
Aunt Kacy helping Carter find eggs!
Gracie... :)
Ben, Grace, and Carter with their loot!
Grace making sure that Carter didn't get more than her ;)
That's one heck of an egg.... $10! lol

Carter really cleaned up at the egg hunts! Between the both of them he made over $25! We also got lots of candy and gift cards. So sweet... we have the best families! I hope everyone else had a great Easter as well :)


Mindy said...

Your pics are so good! It looks like you had a great Easter! When my friend visited from Colorado, she couldn't believe we traveled in four states in a matter of hours... (we started off in NYC (where she was staying), stopped to see my cousin and his family in NJ, then went to my parents house in MD and ended up at the Delaware beaches that night!

Trinity said...

Great pictures! Looks like Carter made out! :)

Anonymous said...

Great new layout! And I love the pics of all the kids together - your family get togethers must be a blast with all those adorable kiddos!

kacy said...

i have the cutest nephews and niece ever- so adorable!

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