06 April 2009

Weekend Recap

Whew. To say that we had a busy weekend would be the understatement of the year. Prepare yourself for tons of pictures.

Friday was the funeral for my uncle. It went as well as can be expected, given the circumstances. Uncle John was in the military, therefore he was honored with a military burial. When they gave my aunt the flag that was draped over his coffin while playing "Taps" on the trumpet and shooting their guns into the air, everyone kinda lost it. But it was a beautiful service with lots of laughs, cries, and memories. He will surely be missed.

We were up bright and early for a busy Saturday. First, we headed to Bounce U for Ben's 2nd birthday party. I think the adults had more fun then the kids :)

Carter couldn't go on any of the bouncie's, but he sure had a great time watching the kids!Kristi and Ben going down the big slide!Carter with his Uncle Ry Ry
He was lovin the fire truck and did so awesome with standing on his own...Here comes Uncle Ry in the race car...Ryan and Bob, getting ready to race through the obstacle course...
Ry won. It was pretty impressive watching him dive through everything.

King Ben eating cakey!!

Carter loved the Mickey balloons.

After Ben's party, Kristi took Carter home with her to play with the kids while Bob headed to Atlantic City for Chris's bachelor party and I went to the Phillies game with Kacy and my parents. It was a beautiful day! Perfect for baseball.

Shane Victorino...

It was soooooooo windy.
My first Mango water ice of the season and Kacy steals it!
The 2008 World Series flag.
Mom, Kacy, and I...
My dad and I...
Okay, next up was Maureen's bachlorette dinner. Yes, this is still Saturday.

Reenie didn't want a party so we took her out to a nice restaurant for wine and yummy food, then headed back to her house for more fun!

I'm not sure if I've said this before, but Maureen is like our 4th sister. Kacy has been best friend's with her since 4th grade. That was 17 years ago. Not only are we close to Maureen, but we're close to her entire family as well. Our mom's are best friends and we go on vacation with them every year. We also spend almost every holiday together. So yeah... she's like my sister and I love her to death. I can't believe she is getting married in less than two weeks!!

Reen, Kris, Kac, and I

Kacy and I

Before wine.

After wine.

Good times.

On Sunday, Carter and I headed over to Riverwinds for Aidan's pool party. It was so fun and it was Carter's very first time in a pool!! {When we took him to OBX last August, we was only 5 weeks old, so he mostly stayed in the house.} Needless to say... he LOVED it.

Carter, Adrianna, and Aidan...

Carter with his girlfriend, Adrianna. Isn't she the cutest!?!

Carter and Ben!

Carter and Gracie Girl... he always grabs her face, lol.

He was having a blast just sitting there...

After the pool, we headed into a party room for lots of goodies...

Okay, I think that's it. Last night was also the Phillies home opener. They lost. I couldn't even keep my eyes open to watch the second half of the game. That's okay... I'm heading back to Citizen's Bank Park for game #2 tomorrow night! YAY!


Anonymous said...

That's one heck of a weekend!!

Carter is becoming such a little man. He's too cute and I just love his facial expressions. The pics of him at the pool are great - he's gonna have a great summer!! And I love the top you wore for the bachelorette party!

Cardinals lost their opening game too. :( Choked in the 9th. Boo.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks Kris! I got the shirt at Express for $19.50 on sale :)

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