09 April 2009

Easter Pictures

First, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before on here, but I refuse to take Carter to see the Easter Bunny. Why? Well for starters, I think he is creepy. Besides that, we have the whole "how can a bunny stand up and be 6 feet tall, all while talking and posing for pictures with little kids?" That's not even believable. The Easter Bunny ruins it for Santa. At least Santa is a real person. Know what I mean? And lastly, every time I look at the Easter Bunny I just want to sneeze. All that fake fur... ew. So yeah... no EB pics for Carter.

But last week, we headed to Picture People in the mall and had pics taken of Carter, Ben, and Gracie in their Easter outfits. My sister, Kristi, has the adorable pics of all 3 of the kids together (I'll scan them later) but below are the pictures of just Carter. Word of caution... he is not a happy camper. Our photographer was horrible and Carter did not smile at all. Oh well!!

This picture actually reminds me of the picture of Will Farrell {from his wedding} in Old School... bwahahahaha.
Our little golfer!
This face is a combo of just being generally pissed off and also sad that I'm making him get pictures taken. :)
I'll try and add the pictures of the three kids as soon as I can! We're also having {what I consider to be} "real" pictures of Carter taken in May by Erin Farrell Photography and I can NOT wait!!!

Click here to see the pictures of our last session with Erin {Carter was exactly 3 months- 10/18/08}


Anonymous said...

Oh, a bad photographer is no fun. :( Good thing Carter is a pro and looks adorable anyway. Can't wait to see the pics by Erin!!

Jeannie said...

That is the cutest outfit!! Carter is such a doll!

Aunt Nanana said...

Just one week until Carter and I get to hang out!

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