14 April 2009


I'm not really ready to release the link to the new blog site yet, however many of you have noticed my new blog layouts.

I made them. :)

Bloganista is my new site that will have free blogger layouts. For now, I've made a few for friends of mine that I wanted you to see. So head on over to Steph, Emily, and Ethan's blogs and take a look at their custom layouts and headers.

I'll post the site link once I get everything uploaded. I'm not only working on my Bloganista site, but an Etsy store as well. More to come on both. :)


kacy said...

yay!!! very exciting...you are super talented :)

~Mrs. JMS~ said...

You do great work! i cant wait to see what you have on the new site! I am sure you will be very successful!

The Blonde said...

Yay! I actually googled Bloganista yesterday because I saw it on the side of your layout and thought that you always have the best layouts! LOL. What perfect timing :)

Anonymous said...

So cool! Can't wait to see it all. :)

Larissa: said...

Ooooo!!!! How exciting! I'm always sooo jealous of your super cute layouts and headers!

staci said...

That's great! You definitely have talents in layouts. Your blog always looks great! What are you going to have on Etsy?

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