23 March 2009

Weekend Recap

It was a birthday weekend, and boy were we busy!

On Friday night, Carter drove us to Rita's, BRU, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, and the mall. He's such a good driver.*

I have to mention that I was devastated when I went to Rita's and they were sold out {freed- out?} of Mango water ice. I'm still upset about it {clearly.} We ran around to a lot of stores on Friday night and it was nice to go home and relax afterwords!

On Saturday, Carter went to his Grammy's house to hang out with his Grandpop, Aunt Nanana, and Uncle Andrew, while Bob went golfing and I headed out to a local winery and dinner with my mom and sisters. It was such a wonderful day!

The girls!
Kac, Mom, and meeee
I'm going back for more!

Cool door in the wine cellar...

Kris, Mom, and Kacy

Kris drinking Cabernet Sauvignon straight from the barrel. It was good!

Me with the birthday girl :)

After the wine tasting, we bought more than a few bottles and opened one outside on the patio at the winery. It was such a beautiful day and we had some time to kill before our dinner reservations, so.... :)


Sisters :)

My mom wanted to buy a wine stopper in the store so that our open bottle wouldn't spill in the car. We didn't let her buy it b/c we knew we would finish it. She's such an amateur. :)

Kacy with the sun behind her... love this pic!

My mom and I at dinner!

Yes, we finished another bottle of wine. Oh, don't judge.


Outside of Changers (PF Changs)...

Kris and I making fun of Kacy's "arm-to-hip b/c it makes you look skinnier" pose. I don't think it worked for us!

On Sunday, Bob and I did some spring cleaning. We then headed over to Kacy and Ryan's for fajita night and birthday cake! {We have birthday extravaganza's in our family}

Besides taking my mom out on Saturday, we also bought her Coach sunglasses. She was so surprised! Doesn't she look cute? :)

I also have to share two pictures I took of Carter this weekend! First, I was finally able to get a picture of his FIRST TWO TEETH!!!!!!!!! They came in over the last week or so and I'm glad I got a pic of them :)

Do you see 'em??? :)

And, last but certainly not least, my little man getting ready for his GG's birthday dinner...
He has a faux hawk!! :) What a cutie!

And since today is my mom's actual birthday... Happy Birthday Mama!

*No, Carter did not drive us. This picture was taken with the car in park and turned off. So, don't call DYFS on me {Kacy!} :)


Anonymous said...

I think Carter thinks im boring. he passed out on me a lot when we were hangin' out saturday. he also laughed at me while i changed his diaper, i think he's planning the next time he's going to pee on me.

Anonymous said...

don't make fun of my hand on the hip pose. it works...fat people like me need those little tips.

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