27 March 2009

Shop til you drop!

My sister, Kacy, and I have been doing a ton of shopping these past few days to try and get ready for everything that's coming up... birthday's, weddings, showers, holiday's... you know how it is! Well I just wanted to share with you some of the things that I've bought recently :)

First things first... Carter's Easter outfit. I have been searching high and low for plaid golf pants for Carter. I found a ton of adorable plaid shorts, but only ONE pair of plaid pants. They happened to be at Old Navy. I then took a trip over there and planned his entire outfit around these pants. Everything was on sale for $5 EACH!!! {Except the white oxford shirt, which was $10, but still... great deal!!!} So I got shoes, plaid pants, a cabby hat, a sweater vest, and the white oxford for $30!!! Here's a little preview...Carter says... "thanks Grammy!!" :)

Next up... lots of birthday's! My nephew Ben is going to be 2 years old on Monday {3/30.} I can NOT believe it. Last weekend, while celebrating my mom's birthday, Ben started playing with one of Carter's toys... a Playskool train. I wish I would have caught him playing with it on the Flip camera... he was mesmerized, haha. Anyway, I bought the train for him {along with the adorable outfit below}, so I will get it on camera tonight when I give it to him.

Playskool Train: On sale for $10 marked down from $30!!!
Outfit: The Children's Place
My mom makes everyone their favorite dinner for their birthday... Ben picked grilled cheese, lol. So we're having grilled cheese for Ben's birthday tonight along with homemade tortellini soup to celebrate Matt's birthday {Ben's dad, who shares the same 3/30 birthday!!}

Along with Ben, we have Bob's cousins son, Simon's 1st birthday {4/1}. We decided to get Simon a little bathing suit!
Outfit: The Children's Place
We also have Aidan's 5th birthday coming up, but I forgot to take a picture of his present! We also got him an adorable bathing suit and matching shirt! Of course, every single one of these birthday parties are next weekend {4/5 and 4/6} along with a bachlorette party, and bachelor party, AND a Phillies game. So, yeah.... next weekend will be pure madness for us.

Whew, okay... so besides buying presents for other people, I also got myself a few things that I was in desperate need of... a dress for Maureen's rehearsal dinner {4/17 & 4/18} and Christina's wedding {5/16} and also a bathing suit!! Here they are...

Dress: White House Black Market marked down from $148 to $79.99. Ordered online with free shipping and a $20 off of $80 coupon (which means I just HAD to order the matching necklace too, which was free b/c of the coupon:)
Tankini: Lands End...$20 off with free shipping.
Can you tell I LOVE black and white?? ;) I also got an awesome pair of black heels to match the dress {DSW- on sale for $29!}
Whew... this post got long. And I guess only Carter can eat this month, hmm... :)


danielle said...

Hey Jenni, I buy all my bathing suits from Lands End too... l love them, the one I just bought looks very similar to yours. YAY! For summer!!!

Anonymous said...

we did do some serious shopping. yay for us!

staci said...

Ohhh! I love shopping! I got a tankini from Lands End last year and love it. I can't wait to get another for this year. The one you got is really cute.

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