12 March 2009

Picture This

My friend Steph and I had the idea to play a little game that we came up with called Picture This. I even made a blog button that makes the game official and everything ;)

How do you play, you may ask? Well, we will post a picture once a week {likely on Thursday's} and people have to try and guess what is in the picture. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Just take a look at Steph's Picture This {coupled with her You Capture post} yesterday. Not one person could guess the picture :)

So today I am posting my Picture This. Take a guess at what you think it may be. I will then post the answer tonight at around 8pm EST. Don't forget to come back and see if you're right :)

Here ya go..... what is it?
Good luck!

EDIT: Times up! And the answer is... steel wine barrels!

There's like 6 of them in the picture... the wood thing is a balcony railing {not Carter's crib, Kristal, lol} Aww, this was fun! If anyone else wants to do this on their blog, make sure to tell me about it so I can play. Feel free to steal the blog button too :)

Oh and here's a few other pictures of the steel wine barrels {view of the bottom half in the cellar}:

Trin and Toni were the closest! Great work everyone :)


Anonymous said...

OK, I know it's something in Carter's room. I can see the stripes on the back wall, the ceiling fan, and that's the crib in the foreground...but I cannot figure out what that is running down the middle of the photo!

Or maybe I'm crazy and I've forced my brain into seeing something that makes sense, LOL.

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Fun game!

I think they are giant storage containers???like at a farm maybe??? or some sort of processing plant??

jenni from the blog said...

oh this is going to be more fun than i thought :)

Trinity said...

Chadd's Ford winery

Anonymous said...

I take that to mean I'm waaaay off, LOL.

Toni said...

They look like the beer-making things at Iron Hill. Cant remember what they're called.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and now that I'm thinking of it, Carter's room doesn't even have stripes, does it? You've got the chair rail. Ugh, dangit. And here I thought I was all smart!

jenni from the blog said...

kris you are cracking me up!

trin- it's a thing, not a place, but you're on the right track.

toni- getting close...

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