30 March 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Benjamin Matthew Z.
10lbs 2oz {yes, you read that right} and 21.5in

Proud Auntie...

Proud Godmother...

Proud babysitter... ;)

Ben's 1st birthday...
Ben at 14 months...Ben and I down the shore... exactly one week before Carter was born.
Carter and Ben meeting Grace for the first time.
Ben at his birthday dinner on Friday night. In his Mickey Mouse birthday crown :)
I can't believe Ben is TWO!!!! His birthday party is on Saturday and you know I will have a ton of pictures for you guys!!
Happy Birthday Benaminaman! We love you so much!


Trinity said...

LOVE the babysitting picture of Ben! He's getting so big!

kacy said...

i can't believe he is 2! ugh, he is so stinkin cute!

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