02 February 2009

Little Baby Libs

It's so funny how two people are brought together. Kristen and I met via The Nest shortly after we were both married. She was looking for a new home with her husband and I lived in the town where they were looking to move. Over several months, Kris and I e-mailed each other while they searched high and low for a house. I mentioned that there was a house in my development {just the next street over} that was for sale, and her and Steve went to look at it. Well, low and behold, that's the house that they bought! Kristen was now my neighbor :) Since then, I've really gotten to know, and love, her. She's such a wonderful person.

Well, on Saturday, Bob, Carter, and I headed to the hospital to visit Kristen. She is currently 29 weeks pregnant and is due in mid-April. She has been on bedrest at home almost the entire time :( On January 2nd, another incident occurred which forced Kris into the hospital, full-time, until the baby is born. Thankfully, the baby is doing well in there and is growing strong. Kris is also in good spirits, considering the circumstances. She looks great... and her belly is so adorable :)

Kristen and Steve are hoping that the baby can make it to 36 weeks... which is mid-March. We are all thinking and praying for them and Baby Libs. Only 7 weeks to go, Kris!!! You can do it :) Carter can't wait to find out if he has a new cool friend or a beautiful girlfriend, hehe. We shall see (I'm thinking BOY!) Hang in there hun! {{{hugs}}}


Trinity said...

Wow, Kristen looks amazing! [As do you, as usual.]

Keeping Kristen in my thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenn! It was great to see you, Bob, and Carter.

I can't believe that I will be a mom in just 7 weeks! Though these past few months have been difficult, I know it will be well worth it in the end.

Can't wait for Carter and my little one to play in the neighborhood!

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