16 January 2009


Growing up, I always hated having a summer birthday (8/9). I mean, it was great to have a pool party when other's couldn't... -and I absolutely LOVE having a summer birthday now- but, when classmates and friends were celebrating their birthday's in school... it made me a bit... jealous.

Once I got to second grade, one of my teachers started celebrating "half birthday's"... what a fabulous idea. {I still celebrate it to this day... it's coming up on February 9th people, so get your presents ready.} I now had/have the best of both worlds! I still get the awesome summer birthday, but I could also celebrate my birthday in school, as well. Thanks Mrs. Lang!

The point of this story is that... this Sunday, January 18th, my baby boy turns 6 months old. Can you believe it? 6 months. It's his half birthday, and I'm celebrating it. I'll be making a post about it, I assure you... but for now I bring you this weeks Your Three Words.


Jami said...

I can't believe he is going to be 6 months!!!!!! I remember when it was posted on the DE board you had him! Holy crap time flew!

Anonymous said...

That's a good half birthday to have. (It's my 'whole' birthday - lol)

Meghann said...

So funny! In my classroom my end of the year party is an "un birthday party!" We wear party hats and everyone celebrates. I like the half birthday idea!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 6 MONTHS CARTER! you're olddddd.

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