05 January 2009


We had a low-key NYE and headed over to Kacy and Ryan's house for a party. They live on the next street over from our house, so it's perfect :) Here are a few of the {PG rated} pictures that I took that night.

Carter only made it until about 8:30pm. That's late for him :)
Ben is obsessed with candles and he blows them all out. {It must be b/c he is the son of a fire cheif and the grandson of a fire marshall.} If you can't beat em'... join em'.
Ben and Kristi {can you see Ben saying "cheeeeeeeese"?}My mom and I...Benjamin has to be in every picture.
He stole my phone and started texting people {right, Trin?}Tim, Bob, and I...
Ben even knows how to use an iPhone... he slides the button to turn it on and everything.
$1 poker. I started with a borrowed $1 from Timmy and won $8 :) {Note to self... take money out of pockets before washing jeans.}
Of course Ben had to play.
Timmy, Bob, and Christopher.
Happy New Year! {All these pictures were taken by me... I love them!}
We'll just team up on Kacy.
After midnight had come and gone, we continued to hang out. I almost peed my pants when Ryan and Chris were imitating this video {I wouldn't watch it at work.} I even recorded them with my Flip, but I don't think it's appropriate for the blog ;) So I'll leave you with this picture of Ryan.
"Jagger Bomb."
Happy 2009. We have started calling it "the year of weddings" as 3 of the couples we hang out with on a regular basis are getting married this year. Maureen and Chris in April {I'm a BM, Kacy's MOH, Kristi's a reader}, Timmy and Christina in May {Ryan is the Best Man, Kacy is a BM} and Scott and Lauren in September {Bob's a GM.} Shessh.


Mindy said...

Ben and Carter are such cuties! Congrats on winning poker! I love the self pics.. I haven't mastered them yet with my new camera!

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