25 January 2009

All We Are

While watching a movie on HBO last night, they played their new series promo. Because Entourage is one of the greatest shows on TV right now, the beginning of the promo commercial really caught my attention. I then began listening to the song playing the the background and immediately became hooked. I had to know what song it was. I even shooshed Bob while I tried to listen to some of the lyrics to look up the title. After a little bit (or a lot) of research, I found it. :)

All We Are
~One Republic

It's now added to my music player at the bottom of the blog, so take a listen to it. Me like.


Bridget said...

One Republic is a great band. I have their CD and listen to it all the time. Plus all the songs on the album are great, not just one or two.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks Bridget... I'll have to look into more of their songs :)

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