27 January 2009


What is it, you may ask? Chapstick. Yes, that's right....

Hello, my name is Jenni and I'm addicted to chapstick. :::hello, Jenni:::

I saw this interesting article yesterday on my local news about people's addiction to chapstick. {You can read it here if you're interested.} Scientists believe that it's not actually an addiction, but a habit. They say that"true addiction is thought of as something that is a physical dependence. That is, that if you take away the lip balm, would the person have a withdrawal syndrome?"

Yes, I believe that I would. Who's with me? Anonymous poll's on the side for those not ready to admit it publicly yet ;)


Trinity said...

If you had any idea how many tubes of Chapstick I have floating around in my purse, car, pants pockets, drawers in my bathroom, etc... I'm so addicted. I go a bit insane if I lose it. I've been known to detour entire trips to buy more if a tube goes missing.

I'm also a label peeler. None of my Chapstick has a label on it after a few days!

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted. I've got a tube by my desk, one by my bed, one by the kitchen sink, another in the bathroom, one by the computer in our office at home, a few in my purse...

And if I don't use it, my lips feels awful. And that moment when I put it one is the best feeling ever!

I'm definitely addicted - it's well past just a mere habit.

behind the fourth door said...

I'm addicted as well.

There are tube all over my car, house and purse. If I had to stop using chapstick I would have withdrawl syndromes. It's all I can think about when I need it.

Don't even get me started on hand lotion. It's an even worse for me. I actually go nuts until I can put lotion on. The walk from the bathroom back to my cube is consumed with thoughts of Aquaphor.

Unknown said...

I must admit I am addicted as well. I switch between Chapstick and Burts Bees - both are equally addictive!

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