05 December 2008


Bob, Kacy, and I have been obsessively checking Comcast OnDemand for their annual Yule Log in HD. It's only the greatest. thing. ever. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, (which is rare, since it was viewed over 1 billion times last Christmas- although half of that was probably me) it's a fire place that is set to classical Christmas music. It's beautiful, and one of the main things that helps to get me in the Christmas spirit (pfft, like I need help.)

After checking OnDemand everyday for the past 2 weeks, Bob and I decided to google to see if there was any information about it online. We finally found out that it started on Wednesday (12/3), but that they put it in a new location on the menu this year (which is why we couldn't find it!)

We quickly ran downstairs and there it was in all it's glory... the Yule Log. It is my inspiration for this weeks Your Three Words.
I should add where it is so other Comcast users can find it (duh!)
OnDemand -> HD OnDemand -> TV Entertainment -> Yule Log


Em said...

Oh! I love it! Thanks for telling me about it. I have it on now!

jenni from the blog said...

isn't it the BEST em????

danielle said...

I just shared the "log" with the entire Rambo family... my dad is loving it. Thanks!

jenni from the blog said...

aww, too cute! tell him i said hi danielle!!

Mary said...

oh, thanks for sharing this!

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