15 December 2008


If you're the kind of person that enjoys looking at pictures and not reading the text, then this is the post for you. So, get settled in and ready for some pictures. Lots of them.

My sister and I headed up to NYC on Friday to walk around the city, see the tree, and help a friend shop for her wedding dress.

Our journey began at Hamilton train station. You should have seen Kacy trying to figure out how to purchase the tickets from the machine.
We were making fun of the people who kept checking down the track for the train. There's a loud, red, flashing sign that says "Train Approaching"... yet people still feel the need to check.
Of course we were stuck on the train with a really creepy guy who kept staring at us. It was the kinda stare that, when you looked back at him, he wouldn't look away. Soooo creepy. He even stood up when we got to Penn Station and stood over us... looking straight down. For 3 minutes. Kacy and I were laughing so hard. Oh, and he was with his wife! Here he is...
But once we got there, it was alllll business. Kinda.

Purty NYC...
{Empire State Building}
{Times Square} {...for Carter...}
{Good Morning America}
Some cool buildings...
{a random hotel}
{St. Patrick's Cathedral}
{The Plaza}
{Carnegie Hall}
{The Flatiron Building and probably my favorite shot of the day}
{Empire State Building ...again...} {this one was just really cool...}
Rockefeller Center...
{O' Christmas Tree...}{The GE Building, a.k.a. 30 Rock... looks like it goes on forever...} 5th Avenue
{Bergdorf's... Serena? Blair?...}
{Central Perk, er.. Park}
Dress Shopping...
{Alex and Kacy on the subway}

We first went to The Bridal Garden on 7th and 21st b/c they had designer dresses at a fraction of the cost. Oh, and all of the proceeds go to NYC Charter Schools. We then headed over to Kleinfeld. (Yes, where they tape TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress." No, I don't watch the show either.) Anyway, it was beautiful in there. And very expensive.{...currently filming...}
After dress shopping, we headed off to dinner at my favorite place... Mustang Sal, er... Harry's. Yum.
The train ride home was surprisingly fun. We played TicTacToe and Hangman on Kacy's iPhone (exotic lilies?) People thought we were crazy... but we're use to that. Needless to say, we were tired, but it was such a wonderful day!
I love NY.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Some day soon...hopefully for our two year anniversary...Chad and I will be visiting NYC. He's been before but I haven't and I'm dying to visit!

Mindy said...

I <3 NY during Christmas time too! I just went there last weekend (the weekend of the 6th). It looks like you had fun and I love the Gossip Girl reference.. I am going to go through withdrawls until January.

Molly said...

Not fair! I am soooo jealous. I have wanted to visit NYC my whole life but somehow, even with all the traveling, I've still never been there. Your post makes me want to go BAD. Looks like a fun day!

Olivia's Mommy said...

Jenni, love this post! I love NYC too, and your pics are awesome! I do watch that show about Kleinfeld! I kick myself for not going to NYC dress shopping when I did!

Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama said...

Great photos! I told Marc that when we move to Vermont this is one of the cities we are visiting first!

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