17 December 2008

Holiday Decor

I wanted to share with you just a few of my favorite holiday decorations. So...step into our home :)

Now, you remember this beauty, right?
But here are a few other items that I love...

My antique wooden Santa on the living room side table... (oh, and the wonderful M&M's in the Kate Spade bowl...they're usually gone within a few days and need to be refilled:)
Living room coffee table... I love this sleigh.

Wreath by the front door. {ignore the spackle spot... we got a new curtain rod and haven't repainted the spot yet!}
Christmas pillows from Target...

To the right of our tree/living room is our dinning room. I love how the table is set up...
The Christmas balls in the hurricane are purtty, right?I have a ton of stuff on my kitchen counters, but I love this Santa Christmas countdown the best!And the flying Santa...Our fireplace, in our family room, is all decked out with lights, garland, and our new stockings from Pottery Barn. I LOVE them!
Bobby, Carter, Kai, & Jenni. The boys have little stockings. They're too cute!
That's it for now! :)


Susan Skitt said...

How lovely. I found your site via "top Chalfont blogs". I am a Chalfont, PA gal too :)

P.S. Love those Pottery Barn stockings. We have the red and green velvety ones from P.B.

Merry Christmas!

Olivia's Mommy said...

Love your decorations! Have the SAME kate spade bowl and the SAME issue with the constant refill of M&M's...try the dark chocolate they are YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

That photo look great above the fireplace! :)

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