14 November 2008


This post is in honor of Bobby, my husband, who found out today that he has been laid off. The company that he works (er... worked) for has decided to outsource their entire IT department. His boss was laid off several months ago and Bob has been running the entire department by himself. Today that has ended.

When it comes to layoffs, I think people can take the news one of two ways. They can get upset, or even depressed, and mope around saying "poor me" with no motivation to do anything about it. Or they can say "it's not my fault" and immediately recognize an opportunity to leave a job that you hate (w/ severance, thankfully) and look for a new challenge. I'm proud to say that, although it must be very easy to fall into category 1, Bob is doing so well with looking for all of the available opportunities that are awaiting him. He has already had 2 phone interviews and has been asked by both companies to come in next week. Way to go honey... Carter and I are both so proud of you.

So, in honor of my wonderful husband (and the failing economy)... I bring you this weeks Your Three Words, which are actually the "reason" for Bob's layoff, per his company paperwork.


Mary said...

Sorry to you guys - trust me, I know how tough it is. I'm sure Bob will find something bigger and better! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that Jenni! A period of instability can be very scary. But yay for severance, right?! And good for Bob for picking himself up and getting his name out there. I'll be thinking of you guys and best of luck to him on his interviews!

Anonymous said...

oh no! good luck to your hubby in getting a new job.

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