06 November 2008

Random Pics

Just some stuff I thought I'd post on here :)

Getting kisses from his girlfriend, Adrianna...

The cutest dalmation and monkey I've ever seen, that's for sure...

Aww, hi stink!

Ben's costume truely fits him... the little devil...

You know Carter's tired when he starts rubbing his face in mine...
And he's down for the count!
Hanging w/ mom and dad on Sunday: (Go EAGLES!)

"Daddy's the funniest person I know...""I mean, he is really funny... have you heard this this guy talk yet?""Hilarious. He should have his own show!"
Talking to mommy while she bakes cookies...yum!
"Wow... there's that funny guy again!"... Carter giving daddy "love eyes" :)

And here is Carter's new Taggy Blanket, which he LOVES!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh he is so cute Jenni! love the blanket too.. Mia has one

Tasha - The Clean Eating Mama said...

Awwww - he is soooo cute Jenni!

tiffnh2002 said...

Aww I love the blanket. Where did you get it?

jenni from the blog said...

I got it online from: http://www.custombabyboutique.com/

Kari has a lot of great stuff on there and she was awesome to work with.

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