20 November 2008

In desperate need of change...

The title can mean so many things, however this time I'm referring to my hair. It needs a change. Desperately.

Before you help me throughout this journey, you need to know a few important things first:

I am extremely lazy when it comes to my hair.
I put it in a ponytail almost everyday for work.
It looks like a rats nest in said ponytail b/c I twist it up.

That being said, I want a change that can fall into the aforementioned categories above. Currently, my hair is blonde w/ highlights and lowlights:

Oh, did I mention my hair was naturally curly?
With all of this in mind, I'm thinking of going short and dark brown.

Now, I've had my hair brown before:
but I think I want it darker and/or less highlights then this:
That brings me to poll #1... color.

Next, my hair is about medium length, currently. I want it short, but not too short that I can't put it in a "rats nest ponytail." K? Are ya still with me? Okay. That being said, what do you think of the styles below? I'm not sure why all the hairstyle pics that I found are blonde... I'm not referring to the color, just the cuts.

#1- I originally loved this style, but I think it may be too short. I also think that my hair would be all curly in the back (yes, even when I flat iron the same piece of hair 47 times it still has a curl to it.)#2-
#3- Very similar to the one above.#4- a little longer.
Poll #2 is on the side. All comments are welcome, so please do not hesitate to say something. Anything.


Southern said...

you sound like me trying to figure out what to do with hair. I too have naturally curly hair and it almost always ends up in a ponytail. Who has the time or energy to fix it?!?!

I vote #4. Seems more ponytail worthy.

Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, fun!! Actually, this makes me wanna dye my hair. I think I'm gonna do that tonight, haha!

So, I voted for dark brown. I just like a darker color in the fall/winter. And I voted for the last hairstyle. It's the longest, which will make it the easiest to pull back. Plus, if you start there then decide you want it a bit shorter, it'll be easy to do.

And FWIW - no way can you pull #1 back into a pony. My hair is longer than that and mine won't even go into a pony.

Can't wait for pics!!!

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