27 October 2008

Tonight's the night.

The atmosphere here in the city of Philadelphia is a little crazy today. Even walking into my building I saw nothing but a sea of red shirts and hats. Lots of smiles and high fives. You would never have known that it was 7:30 in the morning.

My boyfriend is pitching tonight. I have my Hamels shirt on and I'm ready to go. Work is having a Phillies pep rally at noon today (I work for the 4th biggest employer in Philly.) Everyone is so ready.

Carter's ready:
Ben's ready:
Even Kai is ready:
Are you ready? I wonder if they'll close our office on Wednesday for the parade? ;)


Mindy said...

I am ready! :) Everyone here at my work is decked out in their red as well! I wish I worked in Philly though, I am sure the atmosphere is crazy there today!!

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