29 September 2008

Gracie Girl

So, after I posted on Friday, I ran to a meeting and then quickly escaped to go to the hospital to see my sister and her beautiful baby girl, Grace. Both are doing wonderfully!

Grace Morgan (w/ the hat from Aunt Jenni :)

Opening her eyes for the camera... hi pretty girl!Now, I can only imagine what Carter and Ben were discussing in the pictures that follow...

C: Give me the scoop... do you know why we're here?

B: Something about a baby? But you're already here so I think they're just kidding with us.

C: Haha... so funny. Do you think we'll get some new toys?

B: That's exactly what I think. I can't wait to see what we get!

C: Oh my gawd. What is this thing??

B: Crap. That's not a toy. Hmmm, maybe they were serious?

C: Get it off, get it off. No, this isn't cute.

B: Haha... you're stuck with her.

C: What is she smiling about??

C: Ah. That's so much better.

C: I don't mind when Mommy holds her. Just don't give her back to me!

Congratulations again Kristi and Matt. Oh, and happy birthday Kris... what a wonderful gift you received :)


Anonymous said...

First of all, Gracie is adorable!

Second, you look too cute in that pic - love your hair.

Third, I can't believe how big Carter looks compared to Gracie! He's growing so fast.

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