18 August 2008

One Month!

Oh how fast it's gone...my little guy is one month old today.

Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy... Blue Steal!

On another note, Carter Man loves his play mat gym...

Looking in the mirror. Now he knows why everyone tells him he's handsome ;)


Anonymous said...

One month!! Boy, does time fly.

staci said...

Time is flying by! Don't you just love the FP rainforest play mat? Give him about a month and he'll be tearing at those toys! Aidan loves his.

Unknown said...

I'm a sucky mom because I haven't gotten out our play gym yet. LOL He's so cute! Happy B-day, Carter Bob! =)

Brenda said...

Grammy misses you!! I can't wait to see you! Hope you are surfing the waves in OBX little man

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