22 July 2008

Carter has arrived...

I'll post my birth story soon, but for now I just want to let everyone know that my little man is here!!!

Carter Robert
July 18, 2008
9lbs 5oz
21.5 in

He'a chubb-ball, with big cheeks and a head full of light blonde hair! He is perfect in every way.

I am so in love. :)


Jeannie said...

He looks so perfect..and he's absolutley adorable! Congratulations on little Carter!

Trinity said...

so precious.

can you please ask him to tell his friend that his mommy would like to meet him? ;)

Anonymous said...

He's amazing Jenni. And I love that hair! Can't wait for all the dirty details. ;)

Rachel said...

Jenni, he's absolutely GORGEOUS!

Congrats to you!


Mary said...

he is gorgeous - congratulations! Can't wait to see more pics!

Stephanie said...

He is adorable! Congrats!

~Mrs. JMS~ said...

YAY!! I have been OOT but knew you were in labor last week, so glad that everything went well and that all is healthy.

Cant wait to hear yuor story. Congrats mommy!!!!!!

Carla said...

Congratulations! He's so beautiful and perfect! I remember you from the Fall Brides board on the Knot. :) I hope motherhood is going great!

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