14 May 2008

The good, the bad, and the...

Well, yesterday I got some, um, not-so-great news. I found out I failed my gestational diabetes test. Not only did I fail it.... I failed it with flying colors. I now have to use a personal day on Friday to go sit through a 3-hour GD test. Luckily, Bob is going with me, but the test consists of drinking this nasty glucose drink, and then getting my blood drawn every 30 minutes for 3 hours. Sounds fun, huh? Oh wait, the best part is that I can't eat for 8 HOURS before the test. How are they going to tell a pregnant woman that she can't eat? I will not be a happy girl on Friday. Bob and I plan to go out to eat (immediately after the test) and then do some shopping. Maybe we can salvage the afternoon with a few fun things.

On a happy note, my work threw me a surprise baby shower today! It was so cute and I was so surprised. Even when I walked in I had no idea what was going on. Silly me! They had a big lunch, a yummy cake, and gifts! It was so sweet of them :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh no that sucks! Not eating for 8 hours AND having that much blood drawn? Yikes.

But yeah for a shower!! That's very exciting - and sweet of your coworkers.

Good luck Friday!

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