your three words

Your Three Words was something that I started back in 2008 when I saw a special on Good Morning America.  The point of Your Three Words is to sum up your week in just three words.  It can be something that happened during the week, or maybe something that's taking place over the upcoming weekend.

There is a post and Blog Hop every Friday morning and I would love for you to participate!  Simply think of three words {come on, you can do it... it's fun!}post it to your blog, and link up on my blog.  Yep, it's that easy.

Don't forget to go around and visit some other blogs.  People can get creative with their three words... I've seen everything from "see you tomorrow" written on a pregnant belly {awwwwww} to birthday wishes, gender announcements {"it's a..."} and lots of other wonderful things.

So grab a button and join the fun...
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